Les Mis Show Page

 M.J. Barnes

 M.J. Barnes, a relatively new member of Little Theatre, plays the role of Javert in Les Miserables. A native of Delaware, M. J. hails from New York City after 15 years of working as a director and producer. Although his original plan was to become an actor in New York, M.J. eventually collaborated with the Pontani Sisters and Murray Hill, and he became very involved in the performing artist scene there.

 When M.J. moved to southeastern Massachusetts, he wanted to join a well-established theatre company that had a long history. The Little Theatre of Fall River was just what he was looking for!  M.J. wanted most to return to his roots of traditional acting, and the Little Theatre was just the place to showcase his talents.


 As a member of the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (LTFR) in the spring of 2014, M.J. wowed audiences with his very real and stunning performance of Ruckley. He then surprised both Deborah Sadler and Roberto S.C. Soares with his singing at the audition for Les Mis. M.J.’s acting and vocal capabilities were astounding. His portrayal of Javert was then and is presently entertaining, honest, and provocative. He will surely not disappoint LTFR audiences come October.


 M.J. believes that the roles of Javert and Valjean are actually quite similar, even though the characters are enemies.  Both characters are religious, yet their strong code of ethics heavily influences their life decisions and relationships with other characters. M.J. is thrilled to be playing the role of Javert, and he hopes audiences will feel empathy for the character despite his harsh exterior

 M.J. dedicates this very special performance to his mother and grandmother. Additionally, the Little Theatre community would like to officially welcome M.J. to the organization and to thank him for his efforts thus far. Break a leg, M.J.!