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Performance Dates: March 19 to 22, 2015-Thurs, Fri, Sat, -7:30 PM

Sun - 2:00PM


Margaret L. Jackson Arts Center

Bristol Community College

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Director: BOB GILLET

Stage Mgr: Maria Dawson

Cast List


Stefani Lawton as Helsa Wenzel -- the German maid.


Laura Bomback as Elsa Von Grossenknueten -- the Host.


Kristen Kearns as Nikki Crandall -- an Actress.


Caitlin Robert as Mrs. Marjorie Baverstock -- the Producer.


Sarah Morse as Bernice Roth - the Librettist.


John Panchley as Sergeant Michael Kelly -- the Law.


Michael McGill as Mr. Patrick O'Reilly -- an Actor.


John Sheppard as Ken De la Maize -- the Director.


Nishan Lawton as Mr. Eddie McCuen -- an Actor.


Tyler Rowe as Roger Hopewell - the Lyricist.

The Story

The Director's Notes


Ensemble shows attract me. That and the comment in a review that “the humor (in this show) is more Abbott and Costello than Feydeau”.


I was born in 1940 and grew up watching old black and white comedy films from the forties and fifty's. I loved them. They were fun and full of action with not too much kissing—I was ten remember-- and I enjoyed trying to figure out the who-dun-its!  I became intrigued with character actors because of their ability to play (become) different people.

So Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 appealed to me as a show for this BCC season. It's a flashback to the old movies and Broadway shows; an opportunity to do an ensemble production where there's no “starring” roles, just an chance for community theater actors to be silly and creative and have fun without deep analysis into the psychological motives of the character.


I hope tonight's show is your kind of show.

I 'd like to thank a few people who decided to come along on this crazy process of staging MCM1940.

First and foremost the wonderful cast who have given 110% effort and were such a joy to work with. Many thanks to Ken Raposa for designing such a workable set. To Barbara Garraughty and Pat Taylor for their creative costuming and workmanship and to Chris McDonald and Fernando Goulart for their help on various projects. Al Deston III and Cory Santos provided the musical elements of this non-musical.


And special thanks to my wonderful stage manager, Maria G. Dawson for all that she does in keeping us all on track.


But to you the playgoer, our special thanks for supporting the arts and especially local theater. Your interest and appreciation it what keeps us going.


Please enjoy The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.


Bob Gillet

March 2015


Enjoy your night at the theatre!





Its not a musical, It’s a comedy about a musical wrapped up in a murder mystery.

The action takes place in the library of a mansion in Chappaqua, New York. The time is December, 1940. When the play opens, it is midnight.