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Dec 2nd -12th 2021
Little Theatre Firebarn
Corner of Highland Ave & Prospect St, 

Fall River, MA

Amahl, a boy known for his tall tales and the occasional lie. Amahl tells his mom a grand story of a giant star rising high in the sky above their house. Of course, she doesn't believe him and tells him to stop bothering her. A knock is heard and Amahl's mother shuffles to the door. Having just traveled a long distance to deliver gifts to a child of great wonders, the Magi ask for permission to stay at their home for the remainder of the night. Later that night, after the neighbors have left and the festivities have ended, the three kings take to their room and go to sleep. Amahl's mother sneaks down to the kings' unattended treasure boxes to take a few gold coins for her and her son. The kings' page wakes up to find Amahl's mother pocketing the gold and he cries out for help to catch the thief. King Melchior is able to ease the situation, and understanding Amahl and his mother's predicament, allows them to keep the gold. He says the Christ child will not need all that gold to build his kingdom. Amahl's mother is overcome with joy when she hears of such a king and implores the Magi to take back the gold. Amahl, too, wishes to give a gift to the Christ child. He offers the Magi his most valuable possession - his crutch. As soon as the crutch is handed over, Amahl's leg is healed miraculously. With his mother's permission, Amahl travels with the Magi to see the Christ child in person to offer him his crutch in thanks to healing his leg.

Directed by:                     Paula Arruda

Musical Direction by:       Michael Coelho

Stage Managers:             Pat Taylor

                                         Christine Roy

Costume Design:             Aaron Gendreau-Visco

Set Design:                      Roberto Santo Christo Soares

Production Advisor

     & Lighting Design:      Gary Bigelow

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