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Congratulations on a terrific run!


Director - Deborah Sadler

Stage Manager - Pat Taylor

Assistant Stage Manager - Al Natale

Musical Director - Bobby Perry

Choreographer - Loralee Levesque

Costume Design - Aaron Gendreau-Visco & Paula Arruda

Props - Gale Powers

Set Design - Aaron Gendreau-Visco

Set Construction - George Sadler

Lighting - David Faria & Alex Faria

Sound - Jose Cabral


By the author of Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine, this musical is a rags to riches tragedy of our times. A woman with numerous children to support surrenders one of her new born twins. The boys grow up never learning the truth but becoming firm friends and falling in love with the same girl. One prospers, while one falls on hard times. A narrator warns that a price has to be paid for separating twins: the lives of the blood brothers. Haunting music, thought-provoking lyrics and unforgettable characters will stay with you.

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