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Mission Statement

The mission of The Little Theatre of Fall River, Inc. is to foster interest among its members and the community at large in the study, practice, and enjoyment of the theatre arts and to maintain a social organization for the forgoing purpose.



The Little Theatre of Fall River, Inc. is committed to the enhancement of the community by generating interest and involvement in and appreciation for the theatre arts through the study and production of high-quality theatre and other works, while fostering the development of local artists and performers.


This is achieved by:


  • Selecting and offering theatrical pieces that seek to preserve the classics, while exposing the community to more current and original works that exemplify the variety and depth of theatre;

  • Maintaining professional standards and quality by selecting and supporting the best directors, actors, and production staff available;

  • Offering the opportunity for self-expression in acting and kindred arts to all who desire it regardless of age, race, sex, creed, or sexual orientation;

  • Establishing educational programs and mentoring opportunities in all aspects of theatre for both active members and those within the community who are interested; and

  • Assisting charitable, educational, and civic groups within the community through the presentation of dramatic or musical works or assisting in the presentation of the same.

About LTFR
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