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The Little Theatre of Fall River is proud to offer scholarship opportunities to students in our community


Little Theatre Performing Arts Scholarship $1500

Little Theatre Scholarship $1000


  • High school seniors pursuing a two or four year degree 

  • College students pursuing a two or four year degree

  • College students pursuing an advanced degree


  • The 2024 application deadline is MAY 31, 2024 @ 5PM

  • We do not accept incomplete or late applications. All letters of recommendation and transcripts must be submitted by the deadline

  • Review each application's details completely; specific materials required for each scholarship are detailed in the online application. In general, you should be prepared to submit:

    • Personal essay​

    • Letters of recommendation

    • Transcripts

    • Letter of acceptance

  • When will the applications be available?
    The applications for both scholarships are available online now. Please click on the APPLY NOW! button to apply online.
  • How many scholarships do you offer?
    We offer two scholarships - LTFR Performing Arts and LTFR Scholarship. Each scholarship has different eligibility requirements. Please refer to the applications to see if you qualify.
  • Are scholarships open to current college students and/or graduate students?
    YES! All students applying for an undergraduate, graduate, or advanced degree qualify for both scholarships.
  • Can past winners reapply?
    YES! As long as you meet the eligibility requirements and are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, you can apply for either scholarship again.
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