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The Firebarn

Quequechan No.1

Prospect St. Station

"The engine room was being painted black. There were people upstairs. I was new to the group and 17 years old and just blown away by these people. Everyone was laughing and having the time of their lives. And I’m not gilding the lily here. I remember it distinctly, I made a point of taking it all in, memorized it, I knew I wanted to remember this forever. The dedication and love for the theatre was electric. 

-Roberto S.C. Soares

Fire Station Days

Interview w. Anibal Teixeira

Stationed at Prospect St. Station from 1962-1968

"It was a second home."

-Anibal Teixeira

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The Firebarn

A second home since 1874.

In the heart of the historic highlands of Fall River, Massachusetts, stands a remarkable building with a history as rich and varied as the city it has called home. Built in 1874 as Quequechan No.1, this architectural gem initially served as a fire station, a symbol of protection and service to the community.For nearly a century, Quequechan No.1 was a steadfast guardian, a sentinel that watched over the city, ready to respond to the call of duty. 

In 1975, the building embarked on a new chapter, as it was welcomed into the fold of the Little Theatre of Fall River. With reverence for its historic past, Prospect Street Station took on a fresh identity as The Firebarn, becoming a cherished home for the performing arts. For over six decades, The Firebarn has been the stage for countless productions, each one a unique and magical experience for both performers and audiences. It's a place where stories have come to life, where dreams have taken center stage, and where the enchantment of live theatre has permeated the air. The iconic red doors of The Firebarn have served as a portal to countless memories and unforgettable moments, etching its place in the hearts of all who have passed through.

The transformation of Quequechan No.1 into The Firebarn is a testament to the enduring nature of history. It reminds us that a building can evolve while still paying homage to its past. The Firebarn is more than just bricks and mortar; it's a bridge that connects the community's storied past to its vibrant present.

This digital archive is a sanctuary for the celebration of The Firebarn and its extraordinary journey. We extend a warm invitation to all those who have been a part of this hallowed space to share their recollections, stories, and experiences. Together, let's weave a digital tapestry of moments that have defined the life of The Firebarn.

We invite you to delve into the captivating history of The Firebarn, where you can immerse yourself in nostalgia and celebrate the enduring spirit of the performing arts. Here, history breathes, stories come alive, and every performance is a timeless masterpiece.

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