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Congrats to the Cast & Crew on a Wonderful Production!


Thursday, Friday and Saturday,

February 2-4 & 9-11, 7:30 pm

Sunday, February 5 & 12, 2 pm

Director: Kathy Castro

Set Designer: Roberto S.C. Soares

Lighting Design:  David Faria

Stage Managers/Props: Robert Gillet

Set Construction: Ron Caisse, Bob Gillet

Set Painting: David Mello

Lighting Design:  David Faria


Stage Manager - Dennis Robinson

Emily - Morgan Salpietro

George - Kenny Benel

Dr. Gibbs - W. Grant Willis

Mrs. Gibbs - Judy Hemingway Rapoza

Mr. Webb - Nishan Lawton

Mrs. Webb - Cheryl Field

Rebecca Gibbs - Abiageal Murphy

Wally Webb - Garret Madison

Prof Willard - Robert Gillet

Constable Warren - Ron Caise

Mrs. Soames - Ann Flynn

Joe Crowell - Sam Memery

Simon Stimson - Al Deston III

Howie Newsome - Malique Jelks

Sam Craig - David Faria

Joe Stoddard - Jerry Larkin

Lady in Balcony - Stefani Arruda Lawson


Author Thornton Wilder intended Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire as an allegory “for any town USA”.  The play is broken into three parts:  daily life; love and marriage; and death and mourning.  We are magically brought into the world of two families, the Webbs and Gibbs - laughing, celebrating, and crying with them as they take life’s journey. It’s a show you’ll take into your heart and LONG remember!

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