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April 21st 4-6pm & April 22nd 6-8pm

Angela: A Texas housewife (30-50’s). She has a great sense of humor and a fiercely independent streak. She identifies with “Roseanne,” an earth-mother comedienne.

Darlene: A young woman from the deep South (teens-20’s). She is pretty, sweet, and simple. A young woman who grew up in a coal mining town in West Virginia and the Mississippi Delta.

Sue Ellen: A Los Angeles career woman in her (20-40’s). She is a “citified” country girl. Smart, very attractive, sexy and frustrated.

Setting: Honky Tonk Heaven, a honky tonk in Nashville, TN.

Please prepare a selection that shows off your voice (Country preferred but not mandatory). Accompanist will be provided.


When three gutsy gals from different backgrounds take charge of their lives, they decide to follow their honky tonk dreams all the way to the city of Nashville. Combining 30 classic country tunes (including “Stand By Your Man,” “9 to 5,” “Harper Valley PTA” and more!) Honky Tonk Angels is a hilarious, foot-stomping good time.


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