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Membership Renewal
Select the area(s) in which you would like to participate: (training is available in many areas if you are interested but lack experience)
Select the Committee(s) you would be interested in participating in:

*This membership includes one free ticket for each member to TWO shows of your choice. If you would like to order additional tickets towards a subscription package OR to purchase a subscription for a non-member, please utilize our ticketing options throughout the site.


For additional tickets to a single show, please purchase tickets per usual as they are available.


Please select TWO shows from the following productions by selecting the radio button for your preferred performance date (if you accidentally select more than two, please refresh the page and start again or only two of your selections will be picked for you from your choices) Tickets will be sent from our ticket vendor, PurplePass:

Honky Tonk Angels
The Normal Heart
Select an item ($)

Thanks for submitting your Membership Renewal. If you would like to make a donation to Little Theatre of Fall River's General Fund, Performing Arts or Little Theatre Scholarship, please click here

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